Hello and welcome to my homepage. I am Markus Zeller who likes to code, make music, make some graphics stuff and bodybuilding. Here you'll find some of my public projects and official social pages like Facebook, Instagram or my Youtube channel. I am looking forward to see you there! If you like my stuff, please consider supporting it on www.patreon.com/markuszeller or www.paypal.me/markuszeller. And remember: sharing is caring! Spread the word... greetings going out to the NWO, Hess Hansonis Family and all friends! Keep away from scalar waves - muss man wissen! If you are still reading this, then you are either do love scrollers or are just bored? how ever thanks for your attention! really! Thank you and have a nice trip in my space! Did you already try to move your mouse? waaaaaaaaaarp....... BTW, the song you are listening to is "LIFE IS JUST A GAME" - written and produced by Markus Zeller, Forced Grooves Records. Because some people asked: Yes, it is my own voice. This song is also available in the podcast.
After a whole year I finally managed to find some time to make music, again. So there is my first 2022 song called - VIPER -. Just go to my podcast page (https://markuszeller.com/podcast), Youtube, Soundcloud, and all the music stores. Viper is taking back the street!!!
DJ N-4ceR and all you can (b)eat ::: Latest released song is Viper ::: Get my music on all the popular stores and streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Beatport, Amazon Music, Google Play, Heartbeat and lots more. Most of my tracks are also available for free download in hiqh quality on my podcast. Just subscribe it and get the music instantly free. You will find it also in the Apple-Podcast directory. Just search for "markus zeller" or my pseudonym "dj n-4cer". If you like it, please leave a rating! Also tell your friends... Spread the music! My style is quite different and a little bit experimental and does !not! sound like the commercial crap you can hear in the radio. Peace out for some 303ish "underground" techno, chill, psychodelic, aciiiiiid...
Project Youtube Channel: My first intention to reach more people to listen to my music I've created a Youtube channel. But later I was interested to do some 3D graphics rendering, making tutorials and other fun stuff. So I decided to upload them, too. I wish you some fun with my videos. Don't forget to subscribe, like and comment...
Project Fibo Countdown: Fibo is -the- international fitness and bodybuilding expo which takes place annuary in Cologne, Germany. I've made a twitter account who tweets every morning how many days are left until the next event takes place. Just follow (at)fibocountdown to know how many times to sleep are left. It would be nice to see you there, too and take a photo together. double biceps pose!!!
Facebook: Want to see my ugly face? Get in touch with me on Facebook. But, don't touch me... uuhhh uhhhh Because I got blocked several times in the past, because of telling my opinion, get in touch on vk.com.
Instagram: Selfies? Food? Training? Renders? by (at)markuszeller Get what's captured in a single moment by the flick of my finger on my phones camera. Follow me, maybe I'll follow you back.
PGP public key: Hey you! Psss. Yes, you!! Silent! Want to buy an "e" or just leave me a confidential message? Why the hell don't you use my public PGP key and leave me a message? May the secret be with you --- and me! PS: Don't ask for any other vowel! This is illegal in my country and will be punished by Heiko the Zensurminister.